Airport transfers

Please note that no bus transfers either to or from the official WLS 2014 convention hotels will be organized.

On arrival in Rome participants will be greeted and assisted step by step by WLS 2014 volunteers and staff at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. You will easily be able to recognize WLS2014 volunteers, as each will be wearing a WLS2014 T-shirt and bearing a lollipop with the logo of the convention.
Both inside the customs area and outside the customs area, assistance will be provided by WLS 2014 volunteers and staff according to the following time schedule:

  • Friday October 31: 14:00–22:00 hrs
  • Saturday November 1: 08:00–22:00 hrs
  • Sunday November 2: 08:00–17:00 hrs

If you need assistance on how to reach your convention hotel, please ask the WLS 2014 volunteers and staff. They will direct you to the taxi stop or the way to the train (named the “Leonardo Express”) that goes downtown at Termini station.

On departure from Rome participants at WLS 2014 can be assisted in obtaining a taxi to take them to the airport by staff at their convention hotel.