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Rome (Fiumicino) airport is located approximately 30 km from the center of Rome. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the center of Rome is by train or taxi:

  • Train: Take the “Leonardo Express” to Rome Termini station. The express departs every 30 minutes. A one-way ticket costs EUR 14.
  • Taxi: Take a taxi cab to the city center (only within the Aurelian walls). The fixed rate fare is EUR 48. The trip typically takes 40–45 minutes.

Public transportation

Rome Termini station is the main central station in the city. For train information, see or phone +39 06 68475475.

The metro runs from 05:30–23:30 (01:30 Friday and Saturday). There are two lines (A red; B blue). The junction is at Rome Termini station. For further information, see

Buses and trams
Buses and trams run from 05:30–24:00. Tickets can be purchased from tobacconists, at the metro station, from ATAC kiosks, from ticket machines at bus stops; and on some bus lines. The same ticket can be used on the metro, buses, and trams. Fares available include:

  • BIT integrated time ticket. Cost EUR 1.50; duration 100 minutes.
  • BIG full day ticket. Cost EUR 6; duration one (1) day until 24:00.
  • BTI integrated tourist ticket. Cost EUR 16.50; duration three (3) days until 24:00 of the third day.
  • CIS weekly card. Cost EUR 24; duration seven (7) days until 24:00 of the seventh day.

For further information, see

Official and legal taxis are white with a sign on the top of the car. Taxi companies include:

  • Radiotaxi 3570. Telephone: +39 06 3570 (Recommended)
  • Pronto taxi. Telephone: +39 06 6645
  • La Capitale. Telephone: +39 06 4994

Useful and emergency numbers

Some useful and/or emergency telephone numbers are:

Ambulance service :
Out of hours doctor:
+39 06 570600
Gemelli Hospital:
+39 06 30151
112, 113
Fire brigade:

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Tourist information

For more information about Rome, please see:

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