WLS 2014 website availability in Spanish, French, and German

The WLA is pleased to announce that the WLS 2014 website, www.wls2014.com, is currently in the process of being made available in all four official languages of the association.

In the coming days, select portions of the the WLS 2014 website pertaining to the most important content — including instructions for convention registration and information relating to visas for traveling to Italy — will be rendered into Spanish, French, and German, to facilitate access to the WLS 2014 website by our Spanish-, French-, and German-speaking members. Transient content, such as news, will continue to be available only in English.

To switch to the English, Spanish, French, or German language versions of the website, click on the corresponding two letter language code (“EN” for English; “ES” for Spanish; “FR” for French; and “DE” for German) at the top right-hand corner of the home page. Please note that content not yet translated into the language of your choice will continue to be displayed in English.

For more information about Spanish, French, and German language support for the WLS 2014 website please contact the WLA Basel business office at info@world-lotteries.org.